stars: Eugénia Bettencourt, Maria de Medeiros, Alexandra de Sousa, José Eduardo, João Grosso, João Lagarto, Luís Mascarenhas, Ana Padrão, Rogério Samora, Ângelo Torres, José Wallenstein.

production: Cinemate

awards: MENÇÃO HONROSA Internationale Filmfestspiele Berlin

synopsis: Above political, social, and racial differences,  a story is told in flashbacks in this plot that reproduces the golden years of Mozambique, the colonial war, and the independence of the country.
Lena is white. Ningo is a black man employed in the house of Lena’s parents. They grew up together in the colony of Mozambique and the friendship survived  the social and political changes which the country underwent. In Maputo, 20 years later, Ningo receives a telephone call from Dona Amália, his former employer and Lena’s mother, who explains to him that her daughter has disappeared in Lisbon.