O BARÃO _ 2011

director: Edgar Pêra

writer: Luísa Costa Gomes (screenplay), Branquinho da Fonseca (novel)

stars: Nuno Melo,, Marcos Barbosa, Leonor Keil, Marina Albuquerque, Vitor Correia, Miguel Sermão

production: Cinemate

awards: Golden Globes - Best Actor Nuno Melo | Caminhos do Cinema Português - Best Adapted Screenplay, [more]

synopsis: “The Baron” is an experimental, dreamlike adaptation of Branquinho da Fonseca’s novel about a controlling Baron. Set in a rural Portugal resembling Hollywood Transylvania, the story follows a school inspector as he takes a Nosferatu-style coach ride to a distant village ruled by the much-feared Baron. Obliged to be a guest in the Baron’s castle, the Inspector falls for his servant Idalina and witnesses an orgiastic music-and-dance routine set to drums and an a capella chorus.