director: Francisco Manso

writer: António Torrado

stars: Ivo Canelas, Maria João Bastos, Nicolau Breyner, João Cabral, Albano Jerónimo, Maria D’Aires, Angelo Torres

production: Cinemate

synopsis: The film covers the story of the protagonist in one of the most troubled periods of Portuguese history - the first half of the nineteenth century. The civil war between absolutists and liberals and the subsequent struggles explain the route of troubled Matos Lobo. The family, conservative and Miguelist, suffers the consequences of defeat. Conflicts with his father, and his romantic temperament exacerbated the shape of his psyche. But it's the passion for the beautiful Adelaide, that triggers the tragedy, even more so when she sports a liberal behavior, in defiance of the customs. It will keep until the end, the hypothesis of Matos Lobo's innocence.