director: Francisco Manso


stars: Diogo Infante, Vanessa Giacomo, Ângelo Torres, Francisco Assis

production: Cinemate

synopsis: The film is set in Cape Verde, Brazil and Portugal of the 1852. A dramatic scheme in witch a slave, João, falls in love with his mistress who treats him like a human-being. After the wreckage of a French slave ship on the island's coast, groups of fugitive slaves disperse through the most hidden parts of the island. They then prepare themselves for survival. The blind and indiscriminate military repression soon follows. In these circumstances, João is faced with the imprisonment of his biological mother and forced to revolt, dragging with him many other slaves from the island. Another question raised is that of miscellany, forced by the white colonists, on the Cape Verde people, witch makes all the protagonists more or less direct family. The white adventurous conspirators joined with the revolution makes the island a very explosive place to be. These events will leave deep cuts on Cape Verde's future.