ICE WEB _ 2012

director: Nicolau Breyner

writer: Nicolau Breyner, João Nunes

stars: Diogo MorgadoMargarida MarinhoPaula Lobo Antunes, Patricia Tavares, Sandra Cóias

production: Cinemate

synopsis: Jorge, a young ambitious, eminent hacker seeks to enrich quickly diverting money from the company accounts for your personal account. Is discovered and to feel that their life in danger decides to flee, escape is caught in a snowstorm that hides their persecutors, making it easy to escape. Overnight tired and exhausted, is completely desperate thinks: "After my blow not worth anything, I was rich but will die frosty!“ In a last effort continues to walk, suddenly, like a mirage, a dirty House ahead of him. Is a huge house where stand some windows bright , he smiles and thinks: "I'm worn-out! I can relax, bring me anything, eat, sleep and tomorrow someone in this House can tell me how I will get out of here! " He goes and knocks at the door, the door opens, a woman all dressed in black with an austere look  asks: "what you like?" When he will answer, he loses the few forces which had, faints ...