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Director: Nicolau Breyner

Writer: Frederico Pombares e Henrique Dias

Cast: João Pedro Rodrigues, Pedro Alves, Nicolau Breyner, Melânia Gomes, Alda Gomes, Patricia Tavares, José Raposo, Cátia Nunes

Production: Cinemate, Cinecool, ZON

Release Date: 2013

Quim and Zé are going to pick up two cousins ​​away from Lisbon, who intend to relive the crazy summer of two years ago in Curral de Moinas, but inevitably bump into a flock of sheep. When they reach Heaven, God offers them a second chance to return to Curral de Moinas. They will have to prove to that they will give up an amoral and libertine life, renouncing the seven deadly sins: lust, gluttony, anger, envy, greed, pride and laziness. This, in itself, would be an almost impossible challenge, but to make everything more lively, each time Quim and Zé falter in the face of sin they are called "up there" or God comes "down here". Do Quim and Zé resist the avalanche of temptations offered to them? It's all in God's hands. Between Heaven and Corral de Moinas, get ready for the most hilarious of adventures

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