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A Ilha dos Cães

Director: Jorge António

Writer: Virgílio Almeida, Jorge António, Carlos Ferreira, Paulo Leite

Cast: Ângelo Torres, Miguel Hurst, Nicolau Breyner, João Cabral. José Eduardo, Matamba Joaquim, Ciomara Morais, Miguel Sermão, Daniel Martinho ...

Production: Cinemate

Release Date: 2017

Two Angolas, colonial and current, 60 years apart, share the curse of a mysterious island. In the past the epicenter of the tragedy is a sinister fortress, the tomb of revolutionaries deported from the continent. At present the construction of a resort awakens the relentless jaw of justice. Shortly afterwards, corpses of disused workers began to appear. The horror sprawls at a glance. Pedro Mbala is sent to the island to solve the problem. His target is a pack of stray dogs.

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