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Director: Francisco Manso

Writer: Antonio Torrado

Cast: : Diogo Infante, Vanessa Giacomo, Ângelo Torres, Francisco Assis

Production: Cinemate

Release Date: 2008

The story unfolds in the 19th century, during a revolt by migrants exiled to Cape Verde, and focuses on a love triangle involving the daughter of a farmer, a slave and a miguelist officer. A survey of troops in the city of Praia, instigated by officials exiled to the archipelago, as a result of the defeat of the supporters of Infante D. Miguel, in the Portuguese civil war, is the historical nucleus of the film. The rebels, contrary to their own anti-liberal convictions, try to entice the slave population into their field, due to the lack of other human resources to embody their designs. Political-military conspiracy on the one hand, slave insurrection on the other, both associated, but transiently converging, and the mixture could only be explosive. If the historical nucleus of the film is openly conflicted, the dramatic nucleus is no less, with a melodramatic weave, which brings us, in full to the romantic period, in which the action takes place.

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