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Director: Nicolau Breyner

Writer: Nicolau Breyner, João Nunes

Cast: Diogo Morgado, Margarida Marinho, Paula Lobo Antunes, Patricia Tavares, Sandra Cóias

Production: Cinemate

Release Date: 2012

Jorge, an ambitious young man, tries to get rich quickly by diverting money from the company to his personal account. Discovered by the chief, he feels that his life is in danger and takes refuge on the mountain where a heavy snowfall causes him a car accident. Pursued, frozen and lost in the snow, Jorge enters the depths of the Serra where, upon seeing an old house, he thinks he is finally safe. But in this house there are no telephones, mysterious corpses appear, there are shadows of knives on the walls of the corridors, the doors lock themselves and strange women visit the rooms without being invited ...

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