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About us

In 1965 Fernando Costa founded the company Cinemate. Fernando Costa who was an illuminator and cinematographer, which quickly makes Cinemate a leader in studios and equipment rental. Working with all televisions, audiovisual and cinema producers, as well as several international companies. Fernando Costa was a remarkable personality in the Portuguese cinematographic panorama, having trained and worked with hundreds of technicians. Through the company Fernando Costa had an important participation in national production.  In 1996 Cinemate started production of its feature film "Tempestade da Terra" shot in Mozambique, having produced to date one project per year. Reconciling the rental of studios and technical equipment, Cinemate is today the only producer in the Portuguese market that produces and owns its own equipment. Thus attracting several international producers to film in Portugal.


With more than 50 years, Cinemate continues to grow, being the foundation of experience, it intends to innovate and keep up with developments in the sector, considering the needs and requirements of our customers.

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