Director: Edgar Pêra

Writer: Luísa Costa Gomes (screenplay), Branquinho da Fonseca (novel)

Cast: Nuno Melo,, Marcos Barbosa, Leonor Keil, Marina Albuquerque, Vitor Correia, Miguel Sermão

Production: Cinemate

Awards: Globos de Ouro - Melhor Actor Nuno Melo | Caminhos do Cinema Português - Melhor Argumento Adaptado

Release Date: 2011

The story of a marialva vampire who terrified the inhabitants of a mountainous region. The Baron is an emotional chameleon. Now he appears docile, or irascible, a man-boar, "a pure beast". He lives a trapped love, inside and outside himself. An unattainable love. A corrupted ideal. Idalina, an aristocratic maid hovers around the castle ...

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