Thank you for attending the 33rd European Film Market, Cinemate is grateful to all for being with us at Cinemate booth.

They were hectic days, too many meetings and running around (even with a booth at Marriot Hotel). 

The Berlinale Film Festival is a very prestigious film festival, with a lot of success and talent, starting with the film selection till the astonish stars. 

On the first row, there you find the press, can’t count them. But they aren’t too many, they are just people who admire Berlinale, who respect the nominees and have laughed and/or suffered with those films.


Exactly, despite this, to Cinemate production & services the time in Berlin was very fruitful.

We had important meetings, Cinemate met incredible filmmakers, all from different places in the world, but with many projects to produce.

It’s was a unique time, we took the chance to work with new partners, listen to thousands of stories.

To proceed with the partnerships and connections, the main subject was why can’t we be part of all the projects that we have been challenged too.

Specially during this uncertain situation, Cinemate want to greet every person we have meet at the Berlinale

Cinemate wish to all a safe and health year.

Cinemate is here, we will keep working and shooting.

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