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Director: Joaquim Leitão

Writer: Artur Ribeiro

Novel: Bernardo Santareno

Cast: Pedro Lacerda, Virgílio Castelo, João Reis, Vítor D'Andrade, Manuel Sá Pessoa, Vítor Norte, Paulo Manso, Miguel Borges, João Craveiro, Rodrigo Tomás, Miguel Partidário, Miguel Melo, João Catarré, Ricardo de Sá, : Sandra Faleiro, Beatriz Barosa, João Jesus, Maria João Falcão, Catarina Rebelo, Carla Chambel, Carolina Amaral, Sara Norte, João Baptista, Patrícia André, Dinarte Branco, Rodrigo Soares, Figueira Cid, Tomás Alves

Production: Cinemate

Premiere: 2020 RTP1

"TERRA NOVA" is a series that accompany the daily lives of families from the fishing communities along the Portuguese coast in the 1930s, with script by Artur Ribeiro and Nuno Duarte and directed by Joaquim Leitão.

A Cinemate production filmed in Portugal and in the North Sea, of 13 episodes, which addresses the life of fishermen, their family and personal relationships, the political conflicts of the time. A series that brings us a social portrait of a time, when many families depended on life at sea for their livelihood, while they had to fight for survival. On the centennial of Bernardo Santareno's birth, Terra Nova series what could be considered Portugal's last tragic-marine epic: the greater work, best known for fishing for codfish in the seas of Terra Nova, which the Portuguese writer described in one of his works.

TERRA NOVA is about to start its journey for another campaign in the banks of Newfoundland. Fishermen and families live moments of anxiety. The women for the departure of their husbands, sons or fiancés and because once again, on land, they will have to survive all the adversities of an uncertain future life that characterizes the Portuguese society of the 1930s. And the men because they know that on the way they will have to face storms, but this trip will be marked by several unexpected events...the revolt in the crew and dealing with the best and the worst of humanity when put to the test in extreme circumstances.

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