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Barca D'alva Guarda

Barca d’Alva is a place belonging to the parish of Escalhão, municipality of Figueira de Castelo Rodrigo, located in the North of the district of Guarda, and inserted in the Natural Park of Douro Internacional. Next to the village lies the border with Spain, defined here by the course of the rivers Águeda and Douro.

In 1985, the Boadilla-Fregeneda-Fronteira do Águeda section was closed. Barca d'Alva and the Douro lost their international connection, and in 1988 it was the turn of the last train to whistle in Barca d'Alva, with the closure of the Pocinho-Barca d'Alva section. Currently, the entire station complex is abandoned.

Figueira Castelo Rodrigo Guarda
4h10 - 398 km to Lisbon
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