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Castelo Almourol

Built on a granite outcrop 18 meters above water level, on a small island 310 meters long and 75 meters wide, in the middle course of the Tagus River, just below its confluence with the Zêzere River, at the time of the Reconquista it was part of the so-called Linha do Tejo, the current Templar Tourism Region.

The castle of Almourol is one of the more emblematic and cenographic medieval military monuments of the Reconquista, and one of the best representations of the influence of the Knights Templar in Portugal.[1] When it was conquered in 1129 by forces loyal to the Portuguese nobility, it was known as Almorolan, and placed in the trust of Gualdim Pais, the master of the Knights Templar in Portugal, who subsequently rebuilt the structure.[1][2] The structure was reconstructed, starting in 1171 (from an inscription over the principal gate) and restored during the subsequent reigns.

Tancos, Torres Novas
1h46 - 134km to Lisbon
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