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Ponte Misarela Vila Real

The Ponte da Misarela is located on the Rabagão River, about a kilometer from its mouth on the Cávado River, in the parish of Ferral, municipality of Montalegre district of Vila Real, in Portugal. It connects the parishes of Ruivães, in Vieira do Minho, to Ferral, in the municipality of Montalegre. It was built in the Middle Ages and rebuilt in the early 19th century.

According to locals, this bridge has 2 legends:
1st Legend: this bridge was built by the Devil himself:
"There was a bad man in lands of Além Douro, whom justice fought hard for various crimes and who always escaped, as he knew that he was in hiding places provided by nature. Tight, however, very close, he went into the hinterland one day. and, lost, he found himself suddenly at the edge of a torrential stream, in a mountainous and hideous place, by the cliff cliffs and by the noise of the waters that fell there in furious catadupa. He appealed the bad guy to the Anjo-Mau and it was so call on him that the Devil appeared to him. "Make me cross the abyss and give you my soul," he said. The Devil accepted the pact and cast a bridge over the torrent. The reprobate passed and went without looking at back as he was required, but shortly afterwards he felt a great clatter, as of many falling stones, and no one heard about the improvised bridge any more. The years returned and, finally, the time for passing came. Dying and sorry, he confessed to the priest This pact went to the site of the bridge and dealt with the Devil. The bridge reappeared and the priest passed, but quickly taking out a sprig of rosemary, dipped it in the cauldron he carried hidden, sprinkled it three times, making the sign of the cross and pronouncing the sacramental words of the exorcisms. The same thing was to make the Demon disappear, leaving the air filled with an acrid and thick vapor, of pitch and resin, surrounded by a suffocating sulfur smell, leaving the bridge standing.
Since then, couples, with the pregnant woman, go to the bridge with a rope and a glass. They light a fire and wait for someone to baptize their child in their mother's womb. When the individual appears, the couple collects water that passes under the bridge. Then the baptism begins. The godfather or godmother says: “I baptize you a creature of God, by the power of God and the Virgin Mary. If you are a boy you will be Gervásio, if you are a girl Senhorinha. ” The woman loosens her skirt and pours water on her belly. The godfather continues: “Now we are going to pray an Our Father and a Hail Mary”. With a detail. The 'Amén' in Avé-Maria is not said.

4h30 - 418km to Lisbon
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