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Ruinas do Carmo

The Convento do Carmo de Lisboa is an old convent of the Order of Carmelites of the Old Observance that is located in Largo do Carmo and was built, overlooking Rossio (Praça de D. Pedro IV), on the hill bordering that of the Castle of São Jorge, in the city and District of Lisbon, in Portugal.

The complex, which was once the main Gothic church in the capital, and which, due to its grandeur and monumentality, competed with the Lisbon Cathedral itself, was in ruins due to the earthquake of 1755, having not been rebuilt. It is one of the main testimonies of the catastrophe still visible in the city. Currently the ruins are home to the Carmo Archaeological Museum.

The Carmo Convent and its Church were built between 1389 and 1423 in the plain Gothic style typical for the mendicant religious orders.[citation needed] There are also influences from the Monastery of Batalha, which had been founded by King John I and was being built at that same time. Compared to the other Gothic churches of the city, the Carmo Church was said to be the most imposing in its architecture and decoration.

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