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Vale dos Lagos Jardim da Pena

The Vale dos Lagos in Parque da Pena is located at the northern top of the central area of ​​Pena, between the slope of the Palace (to the east) and the slope that gives access to the area of ​​Abegoaria, Feteira da Condessa and Chalet (to the west).

Upon passing the gate - which constitutes a real and real border between the outside world and the small Kingdom inside, created by D. Fernando II -, the visitor is faced with the waters, which are “birthplace, transformations or rebirth, ”according to the Dictionary of Symbols.
Waters that, in addition, move and that in this way symbolize the “transitional state” (Lima de Freitas), here of the visitor or pilgrim, who when entering the Park always starts a demand, even if he is not aware of it (which of course influences the understanding and operational use of the symbols that Pena keeps).
The Valley of the Lakes in Parque da Pena, is made up of six successive lakes, of different sizes, which are ordered from north to south, or southwest.
If we divide Lago Maior (or Vale Martinho) in two, given the physical division that is made using a small embankment with stones, then there are seven lakes.

Sintra, Lisboa
50min - 34km to Lisbon
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