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#14 Villa Vida

A master suite with two separate closets and bathrooms, and 6 additional suites all with designer bathrooms, a separate independent two bedroom apartment (for live-in caretaker/guard), plus two housekeeping double staff accommodations, complete with comprehensive service facilities.
One enclosed, sound proof large cinema room, gymnasium, sauna, steam room and
sophisticated safe room infrastructure are included. Security is domotics controlled.
A panorama home lift from the garage to the entrance hall is a welcome convenience.
The whole house is charmed by the central tropical garden having a waterfall, viewed from the whole corridor as well as from the basement and garage. A 240m2garage and workshop capable of housing about 8/10 cars, is in line with the entrance.
The whole window surface is triple glazed with inside thick laminated safety glass, grey tinted
for high heat protection. Outside glass is low emissivity, gap space is argon filled for increased
thermal performance.
7 Suits
2 room caretaker's apt. with kitchen
2 Double rooms for domestic helper
2 Kitchens
Cinema Room
Heated Pool with Jacuzzi
Gym, Sauna and Steam Bath
Panoramic lift
2 par-3 Golf Holes
Lake and Garden






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