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Virados do Avesso

Director: Edgar Pêra

Writer: Henrique Cardoso Dias, Roberto Pereira, Frederico Pombares

Cast: Diogo Morgado, Jorge Corrula, Diana Monteiro, Nuno Melo, Marina Albuquerque, Rui Melo, Philippe Leroux, Marco Paiva, Miguel Borges, Melânia Gomes, Miguel Partidário, Rui Unas, Álvaro Faria, Isabel Medina, Nicolau Breyner, José Wallenstein, Anselmo Ralph, Barbara Guimarães ...

Production: Cinemate

Release Date: 2014

João (Diogo Morgado) is a famous writer experiencing a huge crisis of creativity. His affective life also experiences moments of doubt: the pressure to finish a new book makes João wake up one day without recognizing that the person next to him, Carlos (Jorge Corrula), is the one with whom he wants to continue sharing his life. João decides to leave and, free of commitments, he assumes himself as a true merrymaker. The one who will take advantage of this situation is Isabel (Diana Monteiro), João's rival writer. Isabel just needed a slip-up to, with her lack of scruples, step on João and have an advantage.

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