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Trampoline Park

Bungee jumping

In addition to the established locations, we can choose other locations, such as next to the 25 de Abril bridge, overlooking the entire city

Cabe Car

Cable car near the waterfront. It is always interesting to see the city from the sky. If you have visited this area, it is nice activity .

Pump Track

Helicopter flight

This unique experience will offer a magnificent aerial view of some of the main Lisbon touristic and historic hotspots.


Sailing along one of the world's oldest cities can be both an exhilarating and relaxing experience.

Horse Riding

Get acquainted with the stunning natural landscapes surrounding Lisbon during a horseback ride


Enjoy a paragliding flight and fall in love with the most beautiful panoramic ocean views on the southern coast of Lisbon and live an exciting adventure!
Portugal is amongst the world’s best places to practice paragliding. The paragliding flights last on average about 20-30 minutes, depending on the flight conditions.

Drive in the city

With a huge variety and experiences of driving around the city

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