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Histórias de Alice

Director: Oswaldo Caldeira

Writer: Oswaldo Caldeira

Cast: Leonardo Medeiros, Ana Moreira, Diana Costa e Silva, Filipe Duarte, Ivo Canelas, Vitor Norte...

Awards: Festival Caminhos do Cinema Português Coimbra em 2017: Melhor direção de Arte: Joni Martins; Melhor Guarda-roupa: Susana Abreu, Ticiana Passos

Production: Cinemate

Release Date: 2016

Lucas is a Brazilian filmmaker, who is experiencing a professional crisis: he doesn't know what to shoot. In search of a story, he remembers that his mother, Alice, Portuguese, always tells beautiful stories of his land. Lucas' mother lives in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. By coincidence, Lucas - who lives in Rio de Janeiro - is going to shoot in Ouro Preto, near Belo Horizonte. Then he buys a tape recorder to go back to Belo Horizonte, where his mother lives, to talk to her and record some of his stories. Who knows, maybe you'll find the script for a good movie there? Being a man who got to know some of the hottest places in the world, like Paris, New York or London, he realizes that he never paid much attention to Portugal, his parents' land. Lucas then decides to go to Portugal, in search of the origin of his family. We are a family owned and operated business.

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