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Director: Artur Ribeiro

Writer: Artur Ribeiro

Novel: Bernardo Santareno

Cast: Pedro Lacerda, Virgílio Castelo, João Reis, Vítor D'Andrade, Manuel Sá Pessoa, Vítor Norte, Paulo Manso, Miguel Borges, João Craveiro, Rodrigo Tomás, Miguel Partidário, Miguel Melo, João Catarré, Ricardo de Sá

Production: Cinemate

Premiere: Soon in Theaters

On the banks of Newfoundland, the schooner Terra Nova is having a bad fishing year. Cod is scarce and the Captain decides to sail to Greenland – a dangerous first-time voyage for a schooner, in the early 1930’s. While the crew struggles against the storms and the freezing waters of the North Atlantic Ocean, we follow the personal drama of Albino, once a first-rate fisherman who has fallen into disgrace, as he tries to protect and mentor Miguel – a teenage orphan first time at sea – against the bullying of the other fishermen. Meanwhile, the Captain fights to keep his ship at sail into uncharted waters and faces off a mutiny led by some rogue fishermen. Along for the voyage, there’s a special guest, Bernardo, a Doctor and a writer, who is thorn between the humanitarian concern of the crew’s rough living conditions and the tough leadership of the determined Captain. On board of Terra Nova, the conflict shifts from men against the ocean to men against men – what would be the deadliest?

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